August 26, 2008

ON NEWSTANDS: Script Magazine (Sept/Oct 08)

The latest issue of Script Magazine is on newstands now.

In it, you will find my interview with Inside Man's Russell Gewirtz where I do everything in my power to get him to reveal the big surprise twist ending of his next film, Righteous Kill.

You'll also find my one-on-one sit down chat with The Shield's Shawn Ryan where we talk about the final season of The Shield, the effects of writers strike, and who he likes better: me or Wade.

Also, you'll find my latest column, Making an Impression, where I talk about the time I nearly peed my pants in Spielberg's offices. No joke.

Buy your copy today!

August 20, 2008

NEWS: Drunken Businessmen

Neither Wade nor I have ever been to Japan.

Thankfully, that hasn't stopped G4 from hiring us to write all of their Japanese import shows. From NINJA WARRIOR to UNBEATABLE BANZUKE, we are the go-to guys for this strange genre. This week G4 asked us to help create the pilot for a new competition series: the aptly named, DRUNKEN BUSINESSMEN.

We can't reveal the concept, but needless to say it involves Japanese businessmen, a shitload of alcohol, and maybe even some trivia questions.

Set your TiVos!

August 13, 2008

NEWS: Real Heroes: Firefighter

We've been hired to write a new third-person action game exclusively for the Wii tentatively titled Real Heroes: Firefighter.

We're thinking
Rescue Me but without all of Tommy Gavin's religious guilt. And since the game has an E-10 rating, we'll probably need to steer clear of that show's endless fascination with alcoholism and sex addiction.

The game's produced by Epicenter Studios, a relatively new start up. Pretty exciting.

Time to pop by Universal Studios and take the Backdraft ride again.

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