November 13, 2009

JACK & DAN Heads to Dallas

Wade and I are currently writing on Matt Nix's awesome new Fox series called Jack & Dan.

Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks as cops. They don't fight crime. Crime fights them.

It's gonna be incredible.

Read the Observer's announcement by clicking on the article below.

November 12, 2009

ON NEWSTANDS: Script Magazine (Nov/Dec 09)

The latest issue of Script Magazine is out!

For this issue, I decided to go way back into the recesses of our career horror stories to reminisce on the writing process of our first celebrity look-alike reality game show.

Yes, that's right, I said the FIRST.

Over the years, we were actually hired to write THREE different celebrity look-alike reality game shows: all were on different networks, with different producers... but, not surprisingly, all had exactly the same result: unmitigated disaster followed by subsequent (and immediate) cancellation.

But while working on the first of these masterpieces, Wade and I were truly inspired to strive for mediocrity thanks to the producer's motivating words.

Check out the full tale-- Aspiring To Passable --in this month's issue.

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Illustration by my dear old friend, the incredibly talented Paul Pape.

Paul and I also collaborated on another little Easter Egg tucked away in this same issue. Enjoy!