February 20, 2009

Tiny Vaudeville #2

After the amazing success of our very first Tiny Vaudeville, the question now looms: how on earth will we ever top it?

Well, get ready to see the answer to that very question... live, on stage, in Tiny Vaudeville #2.

Stop reading this, open iCal, and add a new event for this coming Monday, February 23rd at 8PM. You can thank me later.

For McIntyre and I have once again teamed up with Acker & Blacker to pack the proceedings full of undeniable hilarity. And, as always, I'll be directing this utter madhouse of talent.

Check out what yer 12 bucks gets ya (other than the nice, warm feeling that accompanies the knowledge that your cash goes to a charity that helps children, ya scrooge!):

Hosted by Joel Spence and Marc Evan Jackson
with The Dan Bern Orchestra backed by Common Rotation
and musical guest Maria Taylor
featuring Eban Schletter, Bhama Roget, Lauren Rogers, Eddie Pepitone, Mark Gagliardi, Kirsten Vangsness, Jeremy Konner, Annie Savage, Sascha Rothchild
Laraine Newman & Buck Henry!
and a reading from the latest 826LA student publications:
I Love You But I Have to Wash My Hands and Make It Punk

And much more!

TICKETS AVAILABLE: http://826la.org/store-tickets/

See you at the show!

February 18, 2009

REAL HEROES: More Cast News!

As promised, here's some more info on the insanely awesome cast we have filling out the crew of Real Heroes: Firefighter, the Wii game we wrote for Epicenter Studios.

First up, one of our leads, Mr. James Marsters. Yeah, that's right, Spike.

Marsters plays wild card firefighter Jimmy "Match" Morris.

Rough around the edges, Match rarely follow orders and his decisions are consistently reckless, but he gets the job done and makes sure everyone comes home safely. For every commendation he’s received (and he’s received plenty), there’s a demerit as well. Might be why, after 22 years of service, Match has never been promoted.

Lieutenant Dylan Scott is played by The Shield's Michael Jace.

Lt. Scott is the product of a military family, so “home” for him has a different definition than for most people. He moved around a lot in his youth, and now considers the firehouse crew his true family. He's fiercely protective of his firefighters, and is one of the few who will even stick his neck out for wild card Morris.

The stern, humorless leader of the firehouse is Captain Kotaka is played by our good friend, the one and only, John DiMaggio. (aka: Bender!)

Kotaka holds every person under his command to the strictest of standards, often to everyone’s frustration. When Captain’s nearby, there’s no fooling around, no joking. The man means business.

Look for the game to hit shelves sometime this spring/early summer... TBA!

February 9, 2009


We just finished the nearly 200 page script for the upcoming Nintendo Wii game Real Heroes: Firefighter and the cast is really shaping up.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the voices who'll be battling blazes alongside the player.

The one and only Jack McGee (FX's Rescue Me) plays Engineer Ed "Big Ed" Martin. Jovial and talkative, Big Ed's got a penchant for driving the engine way too fast. He's the house cook, and the heartburn you get from his chili is more famous than the chili itself.

The role of Firefighter Marc Cameron is played by Jamie Kennedy. Cameron isn't the sharpest halligan in the firehouse: he originally planned on attending the police academy but in a mix-up he accidentally signed up for the fire academy. His squad never lets him live that one down, but he takes their ribbing in stride. He stuck it out because chicks dig firefighters (besides, no one in their right mind would ever trust him with a firearm).

More cast news to come. Stay tuned.