September 15, 2009

VIGILS: The Reviews Are In!

Vigils has opened.
The reviews are in.

"shows off Haidle's almost uncanny sense of stage poetry - not just in the use of language but in every aspect of the theatrical experience...a haunting piece"
- Dallas Morning News

"It's a breathtaking, satisfying experience...director Aaron Ginsburg creates taut, unforgettable stage pictures while spinning his cast through rapid-fire exchanges and carefully choreographed repetitions.."
- Critical Rant & Rave

""strong, often moving, performances..."

"Directed by Aaron Ginsburg, the Kitchen Dog production is smart and ingenious, blessed with a remarkable cast..."

"Ginsburg and his designers (Craig Siebels, scenic; Christina Dickson, costumes; Laura McMeley, lighting; John M. Flores, sound) succeed in creating a dreamscape of haunting images"
- Theater Jones

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