March 21, 2010

ON NEWSTANDS: Script Magazine (March/April 2010)

The latest issue of Script Magazine is out now.

For this issue, I had the pleasure to sit down with Linda Woolverton (Beauty & The Beast) and chat about her script for Alice in Wonderland. We talked about her decision to blend all of Lewis Carroll's Alice-texts together to create a revisionist sequel (of sorts), and she told me an insane story of how she broke into this business by marching into Disney and literally leaving her sample at the front desk.

For Alice, she got to make up a whole bunch of gibberish words in Carroll's style (awesome), and she revealed her favorite was futterwacken.

What does it mean? It's in the article...

Also in this issue, get ready for the final adventure from The Case Files of The Unlawyer.

A few years after moving to LA, I got one of the most unusual jobs: working in a high end entertainment law firm masquerading as a lawyer.

This is a true story.

I have been documenting the legal(ish) victories and the stressful disasters which could have been prevented by, presumably, a law degree... but the time has come to hang up the suit and tie.

The final installment --where I actually negotiated a contract for myself-- is called Talk To My Unlawyer.

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Illustration by wunderkind Paul Pape.

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